Looking To Buy A Great Cross Trainer? – Look For These Features


If you want to work out and keep fit, all within the comfort of your home, a cross trainer would be a great option. These devices have come a long way over the years, and they now feature more design options and accessories than ever before. Even though that makes them great for workouts, it does create small difficulties when buying one. If you find yourself incapable of making the right purchase, let us help you by outlining some key features you should pay attention to.


22kjnjdgoijStride length represents the distance between the pedals. A stride length of around 20 inches will allow you to focus more on your lower body muscles and get that natural motion feeling. On the other hand, stride length below 17 inches might make you feel uncomfortable and provide you with a rather unnatural motion feeling. With this in mind, look for the home cross trainers that feature stride lengths between 17 and 20 inches. You could also look for the trainers that allow for stride length adjustment as well.


This feature is very similar to the one found on treadmills. The incline changes the slope of the elliptical pathway. With the help of this feature, you can target different muscle groups, and with that, ensure a more effective workout. Keep in mind that not all models feature an incline, so pay attention to those that do.

Pedal resistance

Simply put, pedal resistance makes it harder for you to pedal. This way, you can add some intense, calorie-burning intervals to your regular cross trainer workouts. The majority of modern cross trainers feature a decent level or resistance. More advanced ones have multiple levels of resistance, so try to look for them, so as to customize the experience to your requirements and needs.

For instance, a device that has 15 resistance levels will better suit you than the one that has ten resistance levels. However, try to avoid high resistance levels within your first month of training.

The console

Modern cross trainers come equipped with a wide range of different console models. Therefore, your choice should mostly depend on your personal preferences. However, you should pay attention to some key features. For starters, make sure to look for the backlit consoles. Non-backlit models usually come with cheap, unreliable machines and they can make it quite difficult for you to read your training stats. Also, look for a console that provides a constant training stats feedback, as opposed to toggling them back and forth, which can be quite annoying.

Extra accessories

33,nvjjpLast, but not least, you should pay attention to the extra accessories. Even though their main purpose is to make your training experience more fun, they can be great for making your workouts more fulfilling and enjoyable. For that matter, you can easily find various models that feature speakers and iPod docks, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes while training. You can also find consoles that feature tablet holders or built-in web browsers, with which you can watch your favorite movies and surf online while working out. Additionally, there are also online tracking options available, with which you can easily track your workouts and monitor your progress.…

Lose Excess Pounds And Stay Fit With The Help Of A Cross Trainer


If you think you are perfectly ready to shed those excess pounds and get into shape but are at the same time concerned about your knees and other joints, a cross trainer should be your prime consideration. A cross trainer, also known as an elliptical, is a fitness device designed to stimulate the motion of riding a bike and walking. Since it provides the user with fluid movements, there is no risk of suffering injuries, as opposed to using, say, a treadmill. This is mainly because, when using a cross trainer, you keep your feet resting on the pedals while moving your arms and legs only. On the other hand, when using a treadmill, your feet will always pound on the track, thus risking injuries.

Great for those with joint problems

22.fbnflnUsing a cross trainer can be quite helpful, even more for some individuals than others. For instance, if you are having problems with your ankles or bad knees, running or using a treadmill can be quite painful and risky. However, when using a cross trainer, your joints will not be under great pressure and stress, due to smooth, not jolting, movements. This is also especially important for those individuals that have serious weight issues, as they are most prone to all kinds of joint issues.

Affordable and convenient

Another great benefit of cross trainers is the fact that they are quite affordable, widely available, and convenient for home use. You can easily purchase one, put it pretty much anywhere in your home and work out at your leisure. This is excellent for those days, when you cannot exercise outside due to the adverse weather conditions, or when you simply cannot make it to the gym.

Not for everyone

However, it is also worth mentioning that a cross trainer is not favored by some people. For example, if you are one of those people who dislike the feeling of running without getting anywhere, you will perhaps be better off running outdoors. If that is the case, you should probably avoid exercise bikes or treadmills as well. One the other hand, if you do have problematic joints and ankles, but still dislike the motion provided by a cross trainer, perhaps you should take up swimming, which will not put up great pressure and stress on your joints.

Buying a cross trainer

33nljgkfjIf your decision is to purchase a cross trainer, start by determining your budget. Just like the treadmills, the most advanced and expensive types feature some exercise problems, big LCD screens, plug-ins for MP3 players and so on. However, if you want to save some money, you should probably look for more basic models, which feature a smaller number of programs and smaller screens. If you want to know more about various cross trainer models, their specifics and prices, you should visit specific sites, like Elliptical Home, for more info.

Fortunately, these days, almost every gym has some cross trainers, thus allowing you to test them out before making your purchase properly. This way, you can familiarize better with a device, and see if it fits your needs and requirement, which will ultimately allow you to make the best purchase.…